A World Class City Deserves A World Class River Center


The Willamette River is experiencing a renaissance. Cleaner than ever and bustling with activity, the river is the centerpiece of Portland. Residents from neighborhoods throughout the Portland region are experiencing the river through educational and recreation activities. The time has come for Portland to build a showcase facility for its residents who long to access the river in canoes, kayaks, dragon boats and rowing shells in unprecedented numbers. A group of organizations, long committed to promoting access to and stewardship of the river, has come together to build such a facility.



A Beacon of Access and Education


The Portland River Center will be a world class 29,000 square foot facility providing unprecedented public access to the Willamette River for education, stewardship and recreation. The River Center, which will house Willamette Riverkeeper and the organizations that comprise the Portland Boathouse, will be located adjacent to OMSI’s campus along the waterfront across from Downtown Portland and serve as a community center and the permanent home for Portland’s light watercraft community.

Learn more about our vision for the Portland River Center.



Our Work is Just Beginning. We Need You to Move It Forward.


In Portland, we come together for the things that matter to our community. Join us now in making the Portland River Center happen. Strengthen this campaign with your support and by connecting us with the people and the resources who share our vision.  Together, we will make the Portland River Center a gemstone on the Willamette River for all Portlanders to enjoy.

Join us and tell us how you can help.